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SBC TV & Shashatcom Are Finally Out!

Two Weeks of Hard Work,
Rewarded with a Happy Ending for All

The past month was all about the hustle – we were handed two massive projects by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority that said “Urgent!” The company had underlined that it wanted two new video platforms to be ready by the first of Ramadan – SBC TV & Shashatcom. We were racing against the ticking clock; the team was overwhelmed, albeit, up-to-the-challenge. We had two weeks and we made the best out of them! So, here’s the story.

First, There Was SBC
SBC is a TV Channel that offers the KSA audience local to regional varied content. We built the platform from tip to top; website design & development, hosting & security, and SEO – we covered all the essentials. We also designed a responsive, online experience by harnessing the latest modern technologies; UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) included.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) CMS platform, called “e-xagon”, was the cornerstone of the whole project. We used this exclusive technology to piece the whole product together. E-xagon is a state-of-the-art platform that boasts advanced AI features and operates upon complex algorithms. But, most importantly, it’s the first of its kind in the MENA region.

Then, There Was Shashatcom
Shashatcom is an on-demand video platform that delivers a wide array of entertainment content. We collaborated with ITWorksMe, a technology company that provides innovative video solutions, on this one. The company integrated its VOD platform, “KwikMotion”, with our “e-xagon”. In fact ITWorksMe’s VOD technology is quite progressive and is currently used by 80% of the region’s broadcasters, such as LBC, MTV Lebanon, Rotana, Kuwait National TV, and Hawas TV, to name a few.

We’ve Got Chemistry…
This wasn’t our first time teaming up with ITWorksMe; we go way back. Four years ago, we’ve worked together on similar projects for renowned broadcasting companies in the region, such as, Sharjah media group, Virgin Radio Lebanon, Hawas TV, VDL Radio, and others.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Further to these two weeks of hard work, we were able to develop and deploy the two video platforms. We’ve employed our finest technologies and put our minds and muscles to action, to make SBC TV & Shashatcom ready for commercial use on the first of Ramadan!

We Were the “Poster-Company”
Working with the Saudi Broadcasting Authority was a match made in heaven, as the adage says. We were able to further expand our market-reach and presence in the MENA. On the other hand, we offered the company a competitive package; from pricing, services diversification, to a 24/7 dedicated technical-support team. However, our strongest attribute was in the definitive understanding of the company’s persona, cultural facets as well as the broadcasted content.