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Technology Shaping UX Design in 2019!

It is very important to keep up with the latest trends in design & technology. Trends are widely influenced by user behavior and the devices used.
Let’s go over through some of these trends.

During the past years, flat design has been dominating the UI design industry simply because it takes a shorter load time than 3D design. Designers make this trend fun, by adding shadows, light positions & reflections to create depth. Also, they achieve 3D illusion by combining shadows and grids, thus transforming the flat design into a much more realistic design to the user’s eye!

VUI – Voice User Interface
We know that UI is very important to achieve faster and easier UX.
Do you command Siri to tell you about the weather? Do you own a Google home? Do you ask Alexa to wake you up?
All these devices use Voice UI, which result in a faster, easier and more pleasant way of controlling our computers -> Through our voice! VUI is growing at a rapid pace, in 2019 over 50% of the search engine queries are voice-based. VUI is mostly used by people with disabilities, color blindness…

AR – Augmented Reality
Augmented reality playing a major role in web and app design. AR was first used in games, but now brands are using AR to connect with their customers!
Designers must start thinking beyond “Screen-Only” interactions & expect the customer to move in order to create an interface.
AR soon will find its way in our daily lives, through setting up electronic devices, helping in airport navigations, exploring new cities…

UX & Multi-Device Design
Nowadays, the major decision for designing a website is to be “Mobile Friendly” or “Mobile First”! Responsive design is becoming more and more crucial for businesses. 60% of the users do NOT recommend a business with bad website design. The mobile experience is shifting towards multi-device experience and device- agnostic UX is about creating a journey that can be experienced on different devices. Like calling uber from Google home and finishing the transaction using your smartphone.

Design Systems for More Efficient Work Flow -Atomic Design
To ensure consistency throughout the whole interface, brands are using Atomic Design. It’s founded by Brad Frost, where the components of each interface are broken down into five categories: Atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages. For example, atoms represent the buttons in an interface, the molecules represent the search bars, the organisms can be the navigation menu or a gallery in an online store, etc. By applying the Atomic Design, we can easily make changes to our UI, use different designers team and get faster results!

Night or Dark Mode
The main advantage of the dark mode is that it won’t hurt your eyes and also it looks good on OLED screens and saves battery life of course! However, did you know that night/ dark mode is not about inverting colors? The two time-consuming things in setting up dark mode are; first, to come up with the color scheme that works well with the brand and second, it requires a lot of testing.

Artificial Intelligence
Nowadays, users are in need of tailor-made content. Each user has a different taste and they need their experience on the app or website to be based on their personal preferences!

Wearable Technology
The first thing that comes to your mind when we say wearable technology is the smartwatch. But they are not the only ones… Wearables are increasingly being used in the healthcare industry & in the banking sector… The use of wearable devices will be increasing from 325M to 830M between 2016 & 2020. We notice that the UX design for wearables takes it to another level, by simplifying the experience of the users and enhancing the visual aesthetic.

UX & UI are constantly evolving. The only factor that remains constant is the user… Everything revolves around the user, who will be using the final product. Stay tuned for what’s next!

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